Models and Variants


A Possible Model for the Heimel-Slides

In the archives for pictures of Württemberg*, there are a couple of fairy tale slides by Johann Seipp (a teacher in Stuttgart, *1898), presumably dating from the 1930s or 40s. It is possible, that Heinz Mellmann was acquainted with these pictures, perhaps by selling them in the photo and art supply store, Schaller, in Stuttgart (see Biography). Anyway, some of the Seipp pictures show obvious similarities with the Heimel-Slides:

e.g. »Hänsel and Gretel«

Johann Seipp, Hänsel und Gretel                                                Johann Seipp, Hänsel und Gretel                                                                                                 Heinz Mellmann, Hänsel und Gretel 1

Johann Seipp, Hänsel and Gretel                                                                                                         Heinz Mellmann, Hänsel and Gretel 2

Johann Seipp, Hänsel and Gretel                                                                                             Heinz Mellmann, Hänsel and Gretel 4                                                           Heinz Mellmann, Hänsel and Gretel 6

Johann Seipp, Hänsel and Gretel                                                                                                   Heinz Mellmann, Hänsel and Gretel 8

Johann Seipp, Hänsel and Gretel                                                                                              Heinz Mellmann, Hänsel and Gretel 10

Johann Seipp, Hänsel and Gretel                                                                                                 Heinz Mellmann, Hänsel and Gretel 12

e.g. »Snow-White«

Johann Seipp, Snow-White                                                                                                                Heinz Mellmann, Snow-White 10

Johann Seipp, Snow-White                                                                                                                                                          Heinz Mellmann, Snow-White 12

e.g. »The Valiant Little Tailor«

Johann Seipp, The Valiant Little Tailor                                                                                      Heinz Mellmann, The Valiant Little Tailor 9

Different than the Heimel-Slides, the Seipp-Fairy-Tales were pure silhouette pictures and the background showed only one color most of the time.


Variants and revisions of the Heimel-Slides

There are some (earlier) variants of the pictures of »Snow-White«.





Another variant is left of one of the pictures of »The Bremen Town Musicians«.


When Heinz Mellmann wanted to change to color films, he revised some pictures of »Hänsel and Gretel«, »Frog Prince«  and »The Valiant Little Tailor«.

Original 1. Revision 2. Revision
Original Revision
Original Revision


*) That is: the »Landesbildstelle Württemberg«, Rotenbergstraße 111, D-70190 Stuttgart, Germany; former »Württembergische Bildstelle«, now part of the Landesmedienzentrum Baden-Württemberg. <back>


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