Story of the slides

The fairytale pictures were produced and sold around 1943/1944 by the graphic artist Heinz Mellmann (see Biography), Stuttgart.  He was the founder of Heimel-Slides.  After his death in 1945 his business partner continued their work for some time, but without Heinz Mellmann, the artistic direction was lost and the sales began to fall, especially without the continued creation of new fairytale series.  The business was finally closed shortly after 1950.

The pictures of »Hänsel and Gretel«, »Snow-White«, »Cinderella«, »The Valiant Little Tailor«, »Snow-White and Rose-Red« and »The Bremen Town Musicians« were designed by Heinz Mellmann himself.  However, in order to be able to produce more he also charged other artists with designing picture series for Heimel-Slides.  The pictures of »The Seven Ravens«, »Frog Prince«, »Mother Holle«, »Hans in Luck«, »The Wishing-Table«, »Snow-White and Rose-Red«, and »The Sleeping Beauty« are due to artists of whom, unfortunately, we do not know the names.  (That is why we ask for your help with their identification.)  After Mellmann's death, his partner in business issued three more series of Heimel-Slides, this time no fairytale illustrations, but historical pictures of »The Early Railway Period«, »The Early Automobile Period« and »The Early Airplane Period«.

The first fairytale series were still produced on black and white films.  This meant a rather laborious fabrication process for the Heimel-Slides, for the pictures had to be colored manually, one-by-one.  (For further information see Fabrication.)

There have remained within the family several originals of the slides.  In addition, some silhouette cutouts and other works of Heinz Mellmann are left.  In the year 1999 a first inventory and revision of his works was issued as a privately printed family book.

In 2000 the first great-grandsons of Heinz Mellmann were born, and the wish has come up to make further duplicates of the fairytale slides.  Heinz Mellmann's grandchildren have grown up with these pictures and would very much like to have them for their own children as well.  As the supply of originals though has largely decreased by the multiple ›portioning‹ within each new generation, we have decided to reproduce new duplicates and, moreover, to offer them for sale again.

Original                                                                                                                  New edition

Heinz Mellmann's works are visibly influenced by his period in history (for influences to his works of art generally see Heinz Mellmann as an artisan; for models and variants of the Heimel-Slides see Models and Variants).  Nevertheless, they are of attraction to both children and adults still today.  The many e-mails we received after we made the pictures available on the internet in 1999, several ebay sales, and the reception of the family book even among non-family members, showed this clearly.

On this website you can view the pictures (Online Slide Show) as well as place orders for them in our Online Shop.  For any usage of the pictures please regard the copyright and address yourself to


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