Family book on Heinz Mellmann

Katja Mellmann: Heinz Mellmann - Graphiker (1913-1945). Kurzbiographie und Werkbeschreibung.
Private print, München 1999.

After several interviews with the widow of Heinz Mellmann and with his partner in business († 2000), one of the grandchildren produced a little book for Christmas 1999, in which the remaining works of Heinz Mellmann and particularly the Heimel-Slides were reintroduced to the family members.

About 30 copies have been made, which were given as present to friends, family members, and some other interested people.  Further copies are not to appear.  But three copies have been given to the following public libraries:

Deutsche Bibliothek in Frankfurt am Main, Sign. 2000 A 13334
Internationale Jugendbibliothek in München, Sign. L/D S760 MELLMANNh
Bibliothek des Germanischen Nationalmuseums in Nürnberg, Sign. ##########

Moreover, two duty copies can be found in the following libraries:

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in München, Magazinsign. PVA 2001.2460
Universitätsbibliothek München, Magazinsign. 8 01-3546

The title was listed in volume 2000 of the studies in arts bibliography »Schrifttum zur deutschen Kunst«.

You can download a scan of the whole book as a PDF-file (8,6 MB). However, some of the information given in the family book would need correction today.  The most important information is given on this website at and is up-dated regularly.




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