Research for the other artists

The illustrations of »Hänsel and Gretel«, »Snow-White«, »Cinderella«, »The Valiant Little Tailor«, »Snow-White and Rose-Red«, »The Bremen Town Musicians« and »Sleeping Beauty« are done by Heinz Mellmann.  The pictures of

»The Seven Ravens«
»Frog Prince«
»Mother Holle«
»Hans in Luck«
»The Wishing-Table«
»Snow-White and Rose-Red« and
»The Sleeping Beauty«

are the works of other artists of whom, unfortunately, we do not know the names for sure.  We ask you for help in identifying them.

The address book of Heinz Mellmann contains, under the heading ›Graphiker‹ (graphic artists) the following entries:

Dörfel, Emil (Berlin SW 68, Ritterstraße 88)
Gittermann, Almuth
Goedecker, Georg (Berlin-Schöneberg, Kufsteiner Straße 47)
Engert, Ernst Moritz
Jäkel, Ilse Beate (Sillenbruck, Degerlocher Straße 40)
Jordan, Paula (Schönbach über Löbau in Sachsen, Pfarrhaus)
ëls, Martin u. Ruth (Hochstätt, Post Rimsting, Oberbayern)
Marxer, Hans (Stuttgart-N, Fraunhoferstraße 6)
Runze, Ria (Wasserlos, Mainfranken über Aschaffenburg 13a)
Sonns Gebrauchsgraphiker, Bad Honnef / Rhein, Auf dem Rüdel
Wenz-Viëtor, Else (Icking, Isartal bei München)

Works of Ernst Moritz Engert, Almuth Gittermann, Georg Goedecker, Ilse B. Jäkel, Paula Jordan, Else Wenz-Viëtor, Ruth und Martin Koser-Michaëls are known.  They do not bear any certain resemblance to the pictures of Heimel-Slides. Proposals we have received can only be understood as suppositions. So Almuth Gittermann (=Jenia Graman) might have been the author of the pictures to »Frog Prince« and »Mother Holle«, and Paula Jordan might have been the author of the pictures to »The Seven Ravens«.

Only the illustrations of »The Wishing-Table« are explicitly signed with and thus can be attributed to Emil Dörfel with relative certainty.  The series of »Hans in Luck« resembles »The Wishing-Table« in style and design of figures.  If anyone knows or has known Emil Dörfel, we would be pleased to hear from you.

And who can help us with the rest of the names Hans Marxer and Ria Runze?  Who knows anything about Sonns Gebrauchsgraphiker?

If you can provide any information please write to


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